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Is politics getting in the way of job growth?

the Mesh Report Staff August 6, 2010 0

Every week on this website I write about the need for job growth in America.  If we want to get out of this recession we need our economy to grow.  To make our economy grow we need to put more people more to work.

How do we create jobs?

Many of you would say we should lower taxes.  I agree with you and so do the Republicans AND Democrats.

A bipartisan bill has made its way to the Senate floor that offers tax breaks for small businesses, increases the Small Business Administration loans, leverages $1 billion in export capital, and gives temporary funding for rural exports.  In a country where 65% of jobs created are from small businesses I think this bill makes a lot of sense.

So why hasn’t this bill been enacted if both Republicans and Democrats are in favor of it?

As of next week the Senate goes on vacation for the rest of the month.  With November elections around the corner, the rest of the summer will be used by politicians to campaign in their home states and districts.  If the bill passes, it is thought that the Democrats will be able return home and brag to their constituents of a political victory against Republicans.  If the bill doesn’t pass than the Democrats look like they have failed once again and the Republicans can gain more votes for the upcoming election.

I am sick and tired of this kind of political wrangling.  That’s all we seem to get out of Washington DC nowadays.  I don’t care if the Republicans get to brag about a win or if the Democrats are able point their finger at another Republican filibuster.  I care about creating new jobs.  I care about getting this country back on its feet.  I care about making America a better place for future generations.

Both parties are at fault here.  The Democrats have made some additions to the legislation the Republicans aren’t in favor of.  Why did they add to a bill if they knew if it was going to result in a filibuster? The Republicans are arguing that they want to be able to add amendments to the legislation before it’s passed.  Are the amendments really necessary and why didn’t they put such amendments in the original bill ?    This small business bill isn’t perfect.  Maybe it does need some more looking into before it gets signed into law.  However, both party’s constant accusations and chastising of each other make me believe that they’re less concerned with the bill and more concerned with who looks like the winner when this matter comes to an end.

The Democrats sure don’t have all the right answers but the Republicans don’t either.  How is that when there is a vote of the 100 Senators, almost every time it is split exactly by party lines?  It makes me think that their votes have less to do with what is right and more to do with what their political party desires; power.

Most Americans are not ALL “red” or ALL “blue.”  If I had to guess most are moderates that lean to either color on specific issues.  Some people support gay marriage but want smaller Federal government, some are anti abortion but want the Bush tax laws appealed, and some feel that creationism should be taught in our schools but believe the war in Iraq was wrong.  We are nation of free thinkers with different opinions.  We shouldn’t have to always conform to a party or a color.  Tragically, our Democrat and Republican leaders set a terrible example for America; always choosing the same side on a variety of issues.

It would be nice to hear less political rhetoric and see more cooperation.  It would be nice to see that when Senate votes, there were Democrats and Republicans on both the “yea” and “nay” side, instead of the constant 1side blue and the other red.  It would be nice to see Democrats and Republicans spending as much time helping the American people, as they do trying to stay in power.

I hope, for all our sake, our Democratic and Republican Senators can get together, sooner rather than later, and pass an effective bill to help small businesses.  In turn, we should see a boost in job growth and in the economy.  If that happens I’m sure both parties will claim victory but I will just look at it as a win for the American people.

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