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Environmental activists inspecting tuna boats

the Mesh Report Staff June 11, 2011 0

ABOARD THE STEVE IRWIN – A boat operated by the environmental organization Sea Shepherd has found a number of tuna boats just north of Libyan waters and is checking whether they are fishing legally.

If not, the group has a dive team ready to jump into the water and cut the nets, freeing the tuna trapped inside.

Early Saturday, as the rising sun burned a slash across the sea, dawn revealed about 10 boats in the distance on one side of the activists’ boat, the Steve Irwin, and five in the other direction. Many are Turkish. The crew of the Irwin is checking their names against lists prepared by ICCAT, the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas. If the boats are not on the list or have exceeded their quota, Sea Shepherd will take what it terms “direct action.”

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