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My Candid Interview On BNN “I Am Not Convinced”

the Mesh Report Staff October 20, 2011 0

On Tuesday morning I did an interview with BNN. It was a one on one, and at the time the markets were near the top tick of the current “baby bull.”
BNN wanted to know my opinion on a number of topics.

Did I think that the rally was overdone?

Were there key levels that needed to be breached?

What about Gold and Oil had they run their course?

BNN thought that my opinion seemed counter intuitive. If I thought the markets had a good chance to go higher why wouldn’t I be a buyer here?

With the new Euro “debt relief” plan in place certainly the problems that we have faced for the past two years must be behind us.

Why was I not a buyer at this level?

I gave my host specific prices that I thought would hold.

Not only did I tell him the prices that would hold I told him what I would do if they did not hold.

I was not predicting the future price, I was reacting to what the markets were telling me.

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As Always,

Keep those stops tight.

Todd “Bubba” Horwitz

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