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A Very Critical Week for Gold Stocks

Mike Hammer October 24, 2016 0

This is a big week. Big BIG BIG. So not a lot of humor today, we’ll roll up our sleeves and get down to business.

If you’re new to the whole idea of earnings reports, or investing, or stock trading, you should skip down to the paragraph just above the ending titled “Boring Stuff” for a brief intro. That way this post will make a lot more sense. You can thank me later… haha!

This week begins the critical earnings reporting season for the big gold companies. By “big” I mean the ones that set the tone for how the market views gold stocks. Over the years I’ve found that while there are a LOT of gold miners out there, the market opinion is primarily based on just a few.

Yes, from time to time a company will cycle in and out of the news, as a new find is discovered, a big contract is made, or one company buys another. Such things call attention to the sector, which causes all the “good” analysts to do a quick review of the sector and see if anything changes their current opinion.

This is one of those weeks. Earnings reports are – as a local car dealership likes to say – HUGE! Performance numbers can really move a stock in a hurry. There are traders who specialize in earnings trades – which, taken to the extreme, means they work hard 4 times per year and take the rest of the time off. I don’t personally know any who actually do this, but I’m pretty sure they’re out there. Just like the college kids who trade forex (currency exchange) only in the summers when school is off, and make enough in a few months to fund their education. And hopefully a bit more.

Here’s the list of companies I’ll be particularly watching for in the coming weeks, and when they report.

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