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We’re Back to Trading NUGT!

Mike Hammer November 2, 2016 0

NUGT is showing signs of life this week, as the US Dollar (tracked by UUP) continues it’s recent slide.  Either as a result, or because gold stocks were oversold, buying interest has picked up over the past few days.  Here’s the chart for NUGT as of yesterday’s close (Tues 11/01/2016).


As I write this it’s a few minutes before the open on Wednesday 11/2/2016.  It looks like NUGT will open just above 16.  If you were playing along and bought “some” between 11 and 12, or as NUGT rose up through 14, now’s your chance to tighten your stops up to just under 16 – say, 15.70 or so – and possibly buy more just above 16, using a 15.40 stop on the new shares.

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