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Deep Value Dividend Growth Index: Week 5 update

Dividend Sensei December 27, 2016 0

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This past week was what one might expect in the week leading up to Christmas, mainly a low volume Santa Claus rally that left little in the way for new potential additions to our value focused portfolio. That being said some earnings misses did make for attractive opportunistic market overreactions in the form of ACN, MKTX, HAS, and previous holding IEP.

In the coming week I don’t expect to see a significant change, since the promise of lower tax rates in 2017 might cause asset managers to hold off selling until the new year. On the other hand tax loss harvesting might create some good opportunities to buy on dips.

What is interesting to note is that some of the additions in recent weeks, especially those that resulted in opportunistic, overreaction buys, have rallied strongly and achieved significant short-term gains. Just goes to show the bi-polar and volatile nature of the market, and why such volatility is a value focused investor’s best friend.

Portfolio Stats:

Portfolio Holdings: 149 (137 last week)

Yield: 3.51% (S&P yield 1.99%)

PE: 16.59 (14% below S&P 500)

FCF Margin: 18.72% (rich in free cash flow is rich in dividends)

Return on Assets: 7.56% (15% above S&P 500 average)

Return on Equity: 48.98% (130% above S&P 500 average)

Market Cap: $16.9 billion (78% below S&P 500 average)

Projected 5 Year EPS growth: 8.87% (3% above S&P 500 average)

Projected Annual Total Return: 12.4% (36% above the market’s historic CAGR since 1871)

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