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UK Investors Want Gold!

Mike Hammer December 13, 2016 0

Like what we’re seeing in India and China, UK’ers apparently want some golden security. Firms selling and storing physical gold are seeing rather dramatic increases in demand, such as BullionVault in Great Britain. The term for such companies is “fintech”, as in “financial technology”. Gee whiz, do we really need a new tech-term these days? Guess so, but seems like trading and storing gold are tasks humans have been doing for, oh, about the last 5,000 years. What we really need is an emoji…

The Gold Enthusiast will be commenting at length in the future over what “more demand” usually means for prices, despite the efforts of central banks and others to relegate gold to the scrap heap of history. After all, The Gold Enthusiast got an A in Economics back in the days before the New Math.

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