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Fascinating Alternative Gold Play

Mike Hammer April 28, 2017 Comments Off on Fascinating Alternative Gold Play

Every once in a while something comes along that really catches your interest.  In the good way!  This article runs through some of the usual reasons to own physical gold, then gives a nice nugget at the end.  Computer memory maker DataRAM (NSDQ:DRAM) is trying to acquire US Gold Corp.  Makes sense – computer memory can use a lot of gold, so they’re looking for a lower-cost supply line. Miners typically spend $800-900 per oz to dig the stuff out of the ground.  Manufacturers pay close to market price.  The difference is 20-30%.  If you own the mine it means lower costs for the memory producer, who still sells their end product at the same price – so, more profit.  That’s the holy grail of business, right?  It’s certainly worth watching to see how this plays out.  (Disclaimer: This author has no position in DRAM, and has no plans to enter a position in the next 48 hours.)

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