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When Black Swans Aren’t Golden

Mike Hammer June 9, 2017 Comments Off on When Black Swans Aren’t Golden

This Friday morning feels like a good time for a bit of an exploratory ramble.  Grab your favorite beverage, sit back, and enjoy the ride.  It’ll be relatively short, but not brief.

Seems like it’s always an interesting week this year.  And your friendly Gold Enthusiast is seeing a pattern continue that developed last year in the US presidential election.  There are even hints that it might be spreading abroad.  Let’s start at the beginning, or at least toward the end of last year.

You may recall that some political newbie (name of Donald Trump) from an unknown place (who’s ever heard of New York City?) won the US Presidencyin a “surprise” election result.  Against the biggest political machine in the US, name of We Are The President Clinton.  Completely unpredicted by the popular media and pollsters, who protested mightily about how their polls are indeed accurate and unbiased.  (Except they were wrong.  But who’s trifling about such pittances.)

Yesterday former FBI director James Comey testified he thought Trump fired him over the Russian election tinkering issue.  The popular press has had the push on for this one, promoting it more than Oprah’s latest book find or Tiger Wood’s recent DUI issues.  This would normally be unsettling to the markets, but … wait for it, we’ll hold the suspense line ’til later.

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