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Taking Off for Seattle

John Thomas July 31, 2017 Comments Off on Taking Off for Seattle

Terrorist attacks, crashing airlines, and passengers mercilessly beaten and dragged bleeding off of planes all spell one thing to me.

Travel bargains!

Of course, my first choice for a vacation destination this year was the civil war in Syria, so I could find out on the ground what is really happening there.

Unfortunately, my family was not too hot on this idea, not wishing to buy me back from kidnappers at an inflated price, again (the last time that happened was in Cambodia in 1976).

The Joint Chiefs were not too thrilled either. At my advanced aged, I simply know too much to fall into the wrong hands.

So I compromised.

This summer will find me at the much more mundane and domestic destination of Seattle, Washington.

I have worked the hardest in my life the past year, and it is time for a break.

I have also put myself through the most grueling training regimen, hiking 2,000 miles and snowshoeing another 600, all with a 60-pound pack.

This is my health care plan. The easiest way to ignore all the noise over the health care debacle is to never get sick.

Every year it seems to get harder to keep the calendar at bay.

Up north where the sun doesn???t set until 10:00 PM I will be meeting with other hedge fund managers, old friends at Microsoft (MSFT) and Amazon (AMZN), and large institutional investors.

I???ll also be making side trips to visit the first ever Starbucks (STBX) and the REI headquarter, the greatest outdoor equipment store on the planet, where the door handles are made out of ice axes.

Getting out into the real world and soaking up new data and opinions is invaluable in shaping my own global view, and your performance benefits from it.

Since I don???t stumble across these people in my living room, I have to travel the world to seek them out.

I will bring my laptop to keep in touch with the markets, not because I have to, but because I love it.

However, during the 24 hours that I???ll be riding Amtrak???s Starlight Express from San Francisco to Seattle, my Internet connection will be pretty iffy. It???s really only available at major train stations.

So unless I see something extraordinary, I will cut back on new Trade Alerts for the next ten days.

After running up a 242% return in seven and a half years, and beating 99.9% of the hedge funds in the industry, I think I???ve earned a break.

I need to spend some time alone on a mountaintop, communing with the spirits, attempting to discover the new long-term market trends through the mist.

While on the road, I will continue writing my newsletter, giving you my daily dose of market insight.

I will also be re-running some of my favorite research pieces from the past when my travel schedule does not allow Internet access.

This is to expose my thousands on new subscribers to the golden oldies, and to remind the legacy readers who have since forgotten them.

I will be back in San Francisco in mid August, glued to my screens once again for another year in the salt mines.

In the meantime, please feel free to email me.

Mad Day Trader, Bill Davis, will be working straight through the summer. No rest for the wicked!

In the meantime, I shall be raising a glass to all of you at dinner on top of Seattle???s Space Needle, the loyal readers of The Diary of a Mad Hedge Fund Trader.

Salute! Prost! And Cheers! Thanks for supporting my research and making this letter a huge success!

If you want to take the opportunity to meet me in person, please sign up for the Seattle Global Strategy luncheon on August 2, 2017 by clicking here

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