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Gold News: Did Gold Play a Part in Brexit?

Mike Hammer September 29, 2017 Comments Off on Gold News: Did Gold Play a Part in Brexit?

Here we go again. The gold news from Britain overnight is that the metal played a role in Brexit number-juggling. According to figures often cited by Brexit promoters, 46% of Britain’s exports went to EU countries.  Some enterprising soul apparently went through the figures line-by-line, and found if gold was excluded then the number “jumped” to 50%.

This of course prompted a round of finger-pointing by the anti-Brexit/pro-EU folks, who say the difference is “significant and important”.  Well yeah, but…To your Gold Enthusiast, on a cold morning in upstate New York, the difference between 46% and 50% isn’t enough to change his mind on a matter as huge as Brexit.

He has written before on the importance of Brexit to gold markets. The core issue in Brexit cited most by supporters is self-governance, freeing themselves from a faceless bureaucracy that decimated entire industries with a mere stroke of a pen – no vote, no politician to hold accountable.  For a few examples of this, watch Brexit: The Movie.

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