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Seven More Reasons to Have a Heart Attack About Apple

John Thomas September 11, 2017 Comments Off on Seven More Reasons to Have a Heart Attack About Apple

Tomorrow, traders, investors, and pundits alike are on tenterhooks, with the long awaited iPhone 8 announcement by Apple (AAPL).

Will they blow out all expectations and over deliver, as they have in years past?

Or will they lay an egg?

Are we setting up for the biggest “buy the rumor and sell the news” of all time? If so, Steve Jobs’ creation is due for a revisit to the $140 handle, sooner than later.

Shareholders are absolutely dying to know.

Let me give you a list of seven worries if you happen to be a nervous Apple shareholder.

1) The iPhone 8 doesn’t have the juice to produce new highs in year on year sales. There are just not a lot of “wow factor” new features to justify an upgrade for most iPhone 6 and 7 owners, including me.

iPhones account for 75% of the profits of the company, and 100% of the growth. All the rest, Apple TV, Macs, laptops, iPads, iPods, and even cars are just so much hot air.

2) Wage inflation in China is rampant, running at a 20% annual rate for skilled workers. That’s why workers in China change jobs every February, to capture a pay hike. Higher manufacturing costs will squeeze Apple’s profit margins.

Watch out for more suicides at Foxcon, the Chinese company that makes the phones.

3) The “ATM effect” is hitting Apple’s share price big time as the FANG’s have been running out of steam. That is when investors sell winners to raise cash levels. Apple stock was, at one point, up 100% from where I sent out a Trade Alert to buy it a year ago.

4) The tax repatriation plan the president promised is dying a slow death. Q1 2018 is now looking optimistic.

Guess who has the biggest overseas stash? Apple, which keeps a major portion of its $250 billion cash horde parked in offshore bank accounts. Pass the suntan lotion!

5) I know this one is an oldie, but it is still a goodie. Everyone in the whole world already owns this stock, either directly, or indirectly through pension funds, ETF’s, NASDAQ index baskets (QQQ), or technology funds. If everyone is already fully committed, where does the marginal new buyer come from?

6) So is the law of large numbers. With a market capitalization at a staggering $820 billion, to eke a mere 10% gain in the stocks requires more money than exists in the world.

7) With interest rates rising sooner or later, support from the company’s plummeting 1.56% dividend yield will become less helpful.

Mind you, I have not suddenly become an Apple hater. But there are legions of those out there, mostly outside of California.

There always have been.

However, I don’t think the next run to a new all time high will begin until next year. That’s when the stock will start discounting the next iPhone upgrade. That product will have all the new features and gizmos, with different screen sizes and colors.

People will pay through the nose to get that, and yes, including me. That’s if my current iPhone 6 doesn’t get stolen first and ends up on the black market in China, gets hijacked by one of my kids, or dropped in a toilet by my daughter.

This should provide enough rocket fuel for Apple shares to make it to $200, or higher, sometime in 2018.

You heard it here first.

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