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Gold News: Goldman Sachs Posts 91-Page “Primer”

Mike Hammer October 18, 2017 Comments Off on Gold News: Goldman Sachs Posts 91-Page “Primer”

Goldman Sachs, aka The Vampire Squid, is well known as having the smartest people in the room.   Arrogance aside, market watchers keep an eye on what they say. On Tuesday Goldman released a 91-page “primer” on gold news. 

Wow, that sounds long and possibly boring. And it could well be, but there are also nuggets of wisdom in it. For starters, Bitcoin gold bugs can relax; Goldman says Bitcoin will supplement gold not replace it. As for actual price forecasts, they say gold is close to fair value at 1300 USD/oz today and look for 1375 by the end of 2020.

Today’s featured article delves into some of the details in this tome, which this Gold Enthusiast is likely to skip. He will confess, however, to reading this article closely, just in case there were any foreshadowing of bumps in the road. Nope, didn’t find any.

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