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Bitcoin vs Gold: The Gloves Come Off

Mike Hammer February 12, 2018 Comments Off on Bitcoin vs Gold: The Gloves Come Off

Before Bitcoin crashed, there were a lot of articles about why Bitcoin was the new gold. What a difference a few weeks makes. With Bitcoin dropping almost 2/3rds from its high at one point, the dynamics of Bitcoin vs gold have reversed, and naysayers are out swinging for a knockout.

Last week, the G-coin website posted an opinion piece putting forward the case that Bitcoin basically can never replace gold. Though they posit that gold-plus-blockchain has a very real future – which makes sense since that’s what G-coin is. And the author obviously has a biased point of view.

The article is a fun read; though it has some tech-talk in it, any article that pulls in Alice In Wonderland quotes can always be a fun ride.  Check it out here.

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