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Gold News: Will Silver Crash the Market?

Mike Hammer April 12, 2018 Comments Off on Gold News: Will Silver Crash the Market?

In the wake of the US stock market drop and a sudden realization of the size of the national debt, people are starting to look carefully at numbers.  As in: What numbers might be important, and what do we need to watch out for?

While it can be nerve-wracking thinking about the dark side of things, it can also be very informative.  Today let’s try to view things as informative, and look at one opinion on silver.  I know, it’s not our usual gold news, but the principles carry over to the gold market rather well.

Gold sector writer Bill Holter says he’s done the math and believes the silver market is very highly over-leveraged.  As in, there’s no way it can end well. And he believes what could come next would be very, very bad.  As in taking down large chunks of the world economy. That would indeed be bad. Your Gold Enthusiast has an opinion too, which we’ll discuss at a later date.

Today you can get the basics of Bill Holter’s view in today’s featured article.  Then let us know in the comments below what you think – Is the world economy heading for a train wreck?

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