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Gold News: Does China Pull the Strings?

Mike Hammer August 8, 2018 Comments Off on Gold News: Does China Pull the Strings?

We’ve talked before about how the gold market might be manipulated. And if you search the Internet you’ll find just about every theory imaginable – sane, crazy, or kooky.  The question everyone wants to know is this:

What does the Gold Enthusiast think about the possibility of gold manipulation by the Chinese?

Rather than write a 20-page paper explaining everything, I’ll just give you a few top-line views, two bottom line possibilities and let you think about it.

First the top line.  Historically the Chinese are known for their long-term outlook.  Remember this is the country that invented Go, possibly the most complicated strategy board game mankind has devised. (By specifying “board game” we exclude international politics, which is by far the biggest game in the world.) Successful strategies in Go all revolve around long-term preservation of assets while maneuvering for a strategic advantage.  So where Western culture might encourage one to go after a short-term gain, in Go-thinking you would only do that if the result was also to your long-term advantage.

Logically we want to apply that way of thinking to the gold market.  What would be the best long-term result for a country in terms of gold?

Well, to quote an American saying, More Is Better.  Certainly when you’re talking about valuable assets, having more available is better than having less available, given that the asset in this case has unlimited shelf life.  (Unlike food and such, gold doesn’t rot away over time.)

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