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Gold News: Meet the Lady Behind The Mint

Mike Hammer November 28, 2018 Comments Off on Gold News: Meet the Lady Behind The Mint

Today we’ll take a small break from the world of trading and peek at collecting.  Gold coins, of course.  Anne Jessop became CEO of the UK’s Royal Mint in February, having joined the Mint in 2008.  Her previous position was director of the Commemorative Coin Department so she knows her stuff in the collector realm.  Under her watchful eye, the Royal Mint has regained its former luster with releases such as the Beatrix Potter commemorative coins.

Which were so popular that demand crashed the website!  Ms. Jessop has really struck a chord with coin collectors, probably due to her affinity for going out in public and actually talking with collectors. There’s a lot more to like in this interview, which ranges from very precise to big-picture.

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