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Is the US National Debt Helping Out Gold?

Mike Hammer November 26, 2018 Comments Off on Is the US National Debt Helping Out Gold?

One of the factors gold bulls point at to help prove their position is the level of US national debt. Which, as we all know, somehow keeps rising despite persistent promises by politicians that they will lower the debt. Yet somehow October’s deficit spending surpassed $100 billion — just in that one month — which represents a 58% rise over the previous year.  Somehow a 58% increase just doesn’t sound like a decrease…  Are the gold bugs right?

Is this massive Federal spending resulting in a higher gold price?  Not if you’re looking at actual price data. Gold continues to languish in the year-low price channel, not near a 52-week high by any stretch of the imagination.  But there are signs that the US debt may eventually result in higher gold prices, which is the subject of today’s featured article.

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