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Gold Targeting 1300 Heading Into 2019 [DETAILS]

Mike Hammer December 28, 2018 Comments Off on Gold Targeting 1300 Heading Into 2019 [DETAILS]

Congratulations – you’ve almost made it to the end of 2018!  It’s been a cruising year for some and a bruising year for many.  After nine years of bull market, the markets came just fractions of a percent, and a few hours, away from an official end to this Big Bull.  Gold stayed mostly in the doldrums, frustrating most gold bulls. Now, attention is turning toward the New Year and what it might bring.  Your friendly Gold Enthusiast gave his short-term outlook a little while ago, and the up-and-out direction seems to be the market’s current choice.  But will it continue?

Over the next few issues, we’ll offer some of the more common points of view on where 2019 is likely headed in terms of gold and the gold market.  Today we’ll present an article from the “gold is strong and ramping up” point of view.  Most such believers look at troubles with Brexit, the EU, US-China relations, and the US Federal deficit as destabilizers, which traditionally push investors toward gold.  As it’s Friday we picked a short and sweet article for you, and we’ll look for another for Monday.

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