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Is Venezuela Paying Russia $840 Million in Gold?

Mike Hammer January 31, 2019 Comments Off on Is Venezuela Paying Russia $840 Million in Gold?

The stories coming out of Venezuela just get weirder. In November it was the Bank of England refusing to release any gold to gov’t officials in Venezuela, saying they couldn’t be sure it would be absconded. Possibly true enough. Then last week Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido declared himself President of Venezuela, gaining the support of the US via President Trump, along with others.  Then today news is out that Jose Guerra, a “lawmaker” in Venezuela, claims Russia was going to spirit away 20 tonnes of Venezuela’s gold on a 777 flown to Caracas just for the purpose.

It is apparently true that Venezuela owes Russia “billions” already, so 840 million (USD) in gold could be just a payment on that.  But it sure seems weird; in modern US vernacular, it’d be called fake news as there is no proof or evidence available that this is actually true. You’d think it would be hard to hide a 777 in the Caracas airport. In the end, the sad truth is that Venezuela is coming apart at the seams and the ones suffering the most are doubtless innocent citizens, who by now have lost all their life savings thanks to the hyperinflation of the past 6 months.

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