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Say Hello to This Unique (and New) Cannabis ETF

Growth Stock Network July 16, 2019 Comments Off on Say Hello to This Unique (and New) Cannabis ETF

There’s no denying that there’s a lot of buzz surrounding the cannabis space — and for good reason.  First, Wall Street has tossed around some very prolific long-term sales growth figures for the global marijuana industry. While most estimates have called for $50 billion to $75 billion in full-year sales by the end of the next decade, Stifel analyst Andrew Carter recently came out with a projection of $200 billion in worldwide annual sales a decade from now.

And secondly, we’ve witnessed incredible returns from marijuana stocks in recent years. Sure, things may have been a bit bumpy of late, but investors who had the foresight and luck to invest in some of the industry’s biggest names back in 2016 may have seen returns that top 1,000%.

Investment firms are fully aware of the demand for cannabis stocks with growth prospects looking so bright, which is why a number of marijuana exchange-traded funds (ETFs) have debuted in recent years. However, this past week investors were introduced to something new on the marijuana ETF front The Cannabis ETF (NYSEMKT:THCX), by Innovation Shares.

Say hello to the newest marijuana ETF

Without question, The Cannabis ETF gets no bonus points for the originality of its name. But this ETF, which began trading on the NYSE Arca exchange last Tuesday (July 9), is certainly unique from what’s already out there in a variety of ways.

For starters, The Cannabis ETF is designed to be a passive investment vehicle, meaning it seeks to mirror the index that it’s tracking. In plainer terms, this means that the portfolio managers won’t be adjusting The Cannabis ETF to get more defensive when the market turns lower, or more aggressive if another country or state legalizes marijuana in some capacity.

Additionally, this is an ETF that’ll be rebalanced far more frequently than its peers. Whereas other marijuana ETFs rebalance every quarter, Innovation Shares’ new offering will be rebalanced on a monthly basis. This should result in a more accurate reflection of its tracking index, the Innovation Labs Cannabis Index.

Building on this point, The Cannabis ETF offers the lowest net expense ratio among marijuana funds at 0.70%. This is a few ticks lower than the ETFMG Alternative Harvest ETF at 0.75%, which is the kingpin among marijuana ETFs of total assets under management.

A fourth and final factor that makes this new offering so unique is that it’s considered a cannabis pure play, with no alcohol or tobacco stocks included. Instead, the portfolio is focused on cannabis, hemp, and cannabidiol (CBD), the nonpsychoactive cannabinoid best known for its perceived medical benefits.

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