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Sanders says he’ll resume campaigning ‘as soon as possible’

the Mesh Report Staff October 10, 2019 Comments Off on Sanders says he’ll resume campaigning ‘as soon as possible’

WASHINGTON (AP) — Bernie Sanders says he’s getting his “endurance” back and “getting stronger every day” after last week’s heart attack and vows to return to the presidential campaign trail “as soon as possible.”

The 78-year-old Sanders says in a 7-minute online video that while lying in a Las Vegas hospital bed he “thought about a lot of things,” including “what would have happened” if he didn’t have health insurance.

Sanders on Thursday pledged to continue trying to end “this dysfunctional and cruel health care system.”

The Vermont senator says he “had a rough week” and doesn’t “wish anybody to have a heart attack and get scared the way” his family did.

But Sanders says far more adversity is being homeless or working several jobs without making enough money to pay the bills.

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