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How Bloomberg Is Trying to ENSURE Trump’s Defeat…

the Mesh Report Staff January 13, 2020 Comments Off on How Bloomberg Is Trying to ENSURE Trump’s Defeat…

It’s “ironic” that the party bent on fighting income inequality could nominate Michael Bloomberg, a man worth $54 billion, to attempt to defeat President Trump, FOX Business’ Stuart Varney argued in his latest “My Take.”

“[Bloomberg has] told the New York Times that he is prepared to spend a billion dollars to defeat Donald Trump.

Bloomberg is a Democrat running for the presidency, some would say he’s trying to buy the presidency — certainly, he’s trying to buy the defeat of Trump,” Varney said.

Income inequality and the unfairness of the billionaire class is the biggest gripe of many in the Democratic Party, according to Varney. Now, one of the richest men in the world has come along prepared to use his “massively unequal wealth” to seat himself in the Oval Office, he continued.

“In the Trump era, we’re used to political upset, but this takes the cake. The $54 billion man will do his best to combat income inequality,” Varney said.

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