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Trump Just “Unloaded” on GOP Ally [Here’s Why]

the Mesh Report Staff March 26, 2020 Comments Off on Trump Just “Unloaded” on GOP Ally [Here’s Why]

Donald Trump is getting hammered by millions of dollars in Democratic campaign ads depicting his response to the coronavirus as negligent and inept.

But the main super PAC backing his reelection has been silent in response — and Trump’s political advisers are not happy about it.

In interviews, more than a half-dozen White House aides, campaign officials and other Trump allies said they felt deserted by the group, America First Action, openly questioning why it’s leaving Trump exposed on the airwaves at the most vulnerable moment of his presidency.

“There is a major vacuum on the political front right now, with the White House focused on coronavirus response and the campaign, rightly so, echoing the White House,” said Chris LaCivita, who as chief strategist of the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth orchestrated the 2004 John Kerry takedown.

“With attacks coming from all over, the simple question is: Where the hell is the president’s air cover?”

The campaign is legally barred from communicating directly with the super PAC. Trump’s reelection effort itself is not currently attacking Biden on the airwaves during the pandemic because it wants to focus on echoing the president’s message.

Liberal groups are collectively spending millions of dollars in swing states portraying Trump as an erratic leader at a time of national crisis who failed to recognize the threat the pandemic posed. Joe Biden’s campaign has launched a brutal spot savaging the president for repeatedly downplaying the coronavirus and then complaining that he could have done more had he known about it earlier. And a super PAC aligned with the former vice president is airing a commercial declaring that Trump has “failed” in his response.

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