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How Left Wing Democrats Are HANDING Trump the Election…

the Mesh Report Staff May 19, 2020 Comments Off on How Left Wing Democrats Are HANDING Trump the Election…

Kristin Tate, an analyst for the nonprofit Young Americans for Liberty, noted on “Fox & Friends First” on Tuesday that the “angry” working class is rejecting left-wing “out of touch” leadership amid the coronavirus pandemic and said that continuing to enforce lockdowns could impact the 2020 election.

“Left-wing leaders are using this pandemic as an excuse to grow the size and scope of state power and just leaving the middle class to suffer,” Tate said.

Host Rob Schmitt noted that battleground states including MichiganWisconsin and Pennsylvania are “just a few of the focal points for anti-lockdown protests.” He then pointed out that “their working-class voters were vital to Donald Trump’s victory” in 2016 and asked Tate if Democrats “are repeating the same mistakes this time around.”

“This pandemic response just kind of underlines what we’ve known for a while now — the Democratic Party is no longer the party for the working class,” she said in response.

She went on to say that she thinks Democrats “have no interest in getting the economy back up and running,” adding that “they think a recession is exactly what they need” to win the election.

Tate explained that “for the last three years Donald Trump has been campaigning on the incredible economy that we’ve seen on his watch.”

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