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Biden’s Big BLITZ to Tackle GOP Resistance…

the Mesh Report Staff November 19, 2020 Comments Off on Biden’s Big BLITZ to Tackle GOP Resistance…

Joe Biden’s transition team has tried to project calm as President Donald Trump refuses to concede and many Republicans — and even one key part of the federal government — continue to have his back.

But behind the scenes, Biden’s advisers are in the midst of a fierce lobbying blitz to get Trump’s allies to crack. They’re dispatching emissaries from past administrations — Republican and Democrat — along with a wide array of business and interest group leaders to intercede on Biden’s behalf. According to three transition officials, Biden’s team is in talks with multiple Republican leaders and officeholders to end the transition stalemate, warning them of risks to national security and public health if the president-elect isn’t granted access to the government.

Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris are also deploying aides and allies to ramp up public pressure on General Services Administrator Emily Murphy, who has refused to acknowledge Biden’s victory and thus allow the transition to officially begin. And Biden’s roster of medical experts is making the rounds on cable TV to argue that the transition needs to get underway now for the country to distribute Covid-19 vaccines to hundreds of millions of Americans quickly next year.

Democratic congressional leaders have joined in, too, criticizing Murphy for holding up the transition.

“At some point, we have to recognize defiance for what it is. And that’s not tolerable. We had an election. Joe Biden won — not, not even close — it’s a decisive win,” said Rep. Gerry Connolly, chair of a key House Oversight subcommittee who has written to Murphy. “I worry about precedent. If this isn’t challenged and dissipated quickly — the denial part here — it becomes a new tactic in dragging out an election and clouding the results in the minds of lots of … voters. And that is dangerous in a democracy.”

Biden’s team is trying to walk a line between blasting Murphy and Republicans — which might cause them to dig in more — and highlighting what they call legitimate dangers of delay.

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