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Silver Sentiment Shows More Downside Possible

The Gold Enthusiast November 18, 2020 Comments Off on Silver Sentiment Shows More Downside Possible

While the major market averages continue their ascent into the stratosphere following a contested election, the precious metals have remained out of favor, sitting only a few percent off their recent lows. Unfortunately, a contested election has pushed out the prospects of further stimulus for the time being.

This seems to be trumping seasonality, which is generally great for the precious metals starting in November. This has left silver (SLV) nearly 20% from its year-to-date highs, with the metal struggling to regain its footing.

Meanwhile, despite this dismal performance short-term, the sentiment is still not showing any clear signs of capitulation yet. Let’s take a closer look below:

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Beginning with bullish sentiment for silver above, we can see that we came close to heading into the extreme pessimism zone three weeks ago, but sentiment has since turned higher, and we’re sitting at 45% bulls.

This is not an ideal reading after a correction like we’ve just seen, as it suggests that bulls are eager buyers and shifting back to the bull camp after the first sign of upside momentum in the metal. Generally, I prefer to see a move into the capitulation zone when we’ve seen a 15% plus correction.

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