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2 Undervalued Gold Miners, According To RBC

The Gold Enthusiast January 19, 2021 Comments Off on 2 Undervalued Gold Miners, According To RBC

The price of gold remains restrained in the new year, although analysts generally agree that the setup for the yellow metal is positive. RBC Capital Markets analysts noted that policy is very accommodative, but any signs of economic growth could change it.

Positive Outlook For gold In 2021

Analyst Josh Wolfson and his team noted that the prospect of more stimulus under Joe Biden’s administration is a tailwind for gold. It also yielded negative real rates globally. They expect interest rates to remain at zero until 2023, assuming a protracted recovery and low inflation.

However, the RBC team also said inflation expectations have climbed with the potential for additional traction appearing in the first half of the year. They also point out that nominal yields have lagged. Further, Wolfson and his team said the Federal Open Market Committee could eventually skew rates tighter than the baseline. They added that U.S. net speculative positions are heavily short.

Robust Setup For Gold Equities Too

Higher gold prices have resulted in record free cash flow and deleveraging among gold miners, however the RBC team said decision-making remains conservative among miners. Companies are also being responsible about their capital investment, and RBC feels that long-term production is sustainable.

One key theme for gold miners is the return of capital. Wolfson and his team said dividend yields are running 1.7%, which is sustainable down to a price of $1,350 an ounce for gold. They also said the valuations of miners do not reflect higher gold prices being sustained.

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