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The 3 Biggest Challenges for Biden’s Presidency

the Mesh Report Staff January 20, 2021 Comments Off on The 3 Biggest Challenges for Biden’s Presidency

He is about to become the most powerful leader in the world.

But despite all that power, Joe Biden is facing a mountain of challenges with three high peaks:

The climb begins with getting the coronavirus pandemic under control by vaccinating 100 million people in 100 days.

That’s a steep challenge.

Biden plans a centralized, coordinated federal response to arrest a pandemic that has infected 24 million and killed 400,000.

That means he will have to leap across a great void where there is no current national leadership and establish a foothold.

He is putting trust in scientists with real experience to help him and trusting the public to join him in facing the truth about the depth of the problem.

Some people may not want to look down, preferring happy-go-lucky promises that the virus will go away in time.

And while Biden starts to scale the mountain of challenge that is the pandemic he also has to:

– Offer cities and states a national plan to get schools open safely for students and teachers.

– Get Republicans and Democrats in Congress to agree to spend major money – $1.9 trillion – to jumpstart an ailing economy beginning with $1,400 stimulus checks for Americans to address the rising rates of hunger as well as unemployment, evictions and closed businesses. Attempt real immigration reform to bring healing on both sides.

– And as he climbs he has to pull a divided nation along or risk having some faction drag him down. To avoid that disaster he has to make time to heal the deep hurt and division while holding radicals accountable for political violence against the Congress that threatened to destabilize the country.

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