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7 Reasons I’m Investing $1 Million Into Amazon

Dividend Sensei February 17, 2021 Comments Off on 7 Reasons I’m Investing $1 Million Into Amazon

The market climbing steadily higher is not unusual. But 37% historical overvaluation is. Future returns for the S&P 500 will be much lower than in the past decade.

Fortunately, wonderful blue-chip bargains are always available, to allow prudent long-term investors to make sound decisions and achieve their financial goals.

My personal Phoenix portfolio combines several proven alpha factors, to maximize safe long-term income and total returns. This includes both yield and growth.

Amazon is the core of my growth portfolio allocation, making up about 16% of the overall portfolio, which still has a yield on cost of 3.8%.

Amazon’s impeccable quality, brilliant management, hyper-growth consensus, 26% discount to fair value, and mind-blowing long-term dividend potential are just some of the reasons I plan to invest $1 million over my lifetime into the greatest growth story of our age.

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