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3 Blue Chips That Could Triple Your $1400 Stimulus Check

Dividend Sensei March 25, 2021 Comments Off on 3 Blue Chips That Could Triple Your $1400 Stimulus Check

$1400 stimulus checks are providing $380 billion to Americans and up to $140 billion might end up invested in the stock market.

Analysts believe that investors seeking “get rich quick” schemes might bid up some stocks to stratospheric levels.

Everyone has different goals and risk profiles, but there is an important difference between outright gambling and sound long-term investing.

Yield, growth, and value are the holy trinity of total returns. Buying shares of quality companies with strong fundamentals at great prices is the easiest way to compound your money at hyper-growth rates.

This article highlights three high-quality blue chips that are trading at 39% to 48% discounts to fair value. Analysts believe that these three companies could deliver between 164% and 392% total returns over the next five to six years.

In other words, they are potentially attractive high probability/low-risk ways to triple your savings and achieve Buffett-like returns for the next few years.

Not through speculative gambling, but merely by buying blue-chip bargains hiding in plain sight.

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