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Why Iranian Warships Are HEADED to the Americas…

the Mesh Report Staff June 3, 2021 Comments Off on Why Iranian Warships Are HEADED to the Americas…

Two Iranian navy ships heading to the Americas are expected to soon enter the Atlantic Ocean, posing a new problem for the Biden administration, Politico reported on Wednesday.

On Saturday, the outlet reported that the US was surveilling the Makran, an oil tanker turned staging base, and an Iranian navy frigate believed to be headed for Venezuela.

Iran has long threatened to deploy its navy to the Atlantic Ocean.

Iran’s intentions are not clear, but a National Security Council spokesperson told Politico that Venezuela had purchased weapons from Iran over a year ago.

‘This has all the markings of delivery on an arms sale’

Citing satellite images, USNI News reported on Tuesday that the Makran was carrying “seven high-speed missile-attack craft.”

On Wednesday, Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida tweeted that the incursion was an attempt to “project a message of strength to the Biden administration.”

“This has all the markings of delivery on an arms sale (such as fast attack boats) to #Venezuela,” he said.

A US defense official told Politico that the Pentagon had no plans to deploy US Navy ships to meet the Iranian boats.

‘I warn that nobody should make a miscalculation’

John Kirby, a Pentagon spokesperson, said during a press briefing on Tuesday that he wouldn’t “speculate about what the Iranian navy might or might not do,” Politico reported.

The Department of Defense did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

On Monday, Saeed Khatibzadeh, a spokesman for Iran’s foreign ministry, said nations should not jump to conclusions about Iran’s intentions. “Iran has constant presence in international waters, is entitled to this right on the basis of international law,” he said, according to Iran’s Tasnim News Agency.

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