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4 Silver Penny Stocks to Buy Under $1

The Gold Enthusiast December 8, 2021 Comments Off on 4 Silver Penny Stocks to Buy Under $1

Silver, like gold, has been a store of value for thousands of years. It’s useful in industrial applications. And it can also be a hedge against economic turmoil. Silver penny stocks can be useful tool to generate gains as silver prices climb.

Silver is used to create mirrors, it’s put into a wide range of electronics and it’s used to make jewelry.

When it comes to prices and stock charts, it can be more temperamental than gold. That is, more volatile. On top of that, penny stocks are also volatile. And the cheaper they are, the more volatile they tend to be.

So be warned: Silver penny stocks are risky. They can take your money and multiply it but they can also leave you with nothing.

It’s important to mentally prepare yourself for worst case scenarios. And to avoid huge portfolio losses, it’s good to diversify. Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket.

Below, I’ve outlined four different silver penny stocks. They’re all well under $1, so they have plenty of room to flourish.

Best Silver Penny Stocks

  1. Silver Bear Resources Plc (OTC: SBVRF)
  2. Klondike Silver Corp (CVE: KS)
  3. Silver Predator Corp (OTC: SVROF)
  4. Silver Buckle Mines, Inc. (OTC: SBUM)

It’s important to note that the trading volume is low for many of these companies. Depending on when you trade, it might be hard to fill the orders. Nonetheless, these might be some great opportunities to invest.

Silver Penny Stocks to Buy

Silver Bear Resources Plc

Silver Bear Resources owns and operates an asset in Russia. It is the company’s largest project, and what the company focuses on most. The asset is the Mangazeisky Silver Project. And it contains one of the highest-grade silver deposits in the world.

Silver Bear is young. It announced its first silver production in 2018 through one of the mines in this project. And in 2019, it secured full commercial production. In 2020, Silver Bear mined about 115,000 tons of ore.

It also has great leadership. The CEO and other management have experience and success in the technical aspects of silver mining, as well as in the corporate and financial world. The Board of Directors reflects the same insight.

They also put an emphasis on working with local communities and supporting them. They strive to keep workers safe, keep the environment clean and increase transparency, which deters corruption within the company.

The stock has come down significantly since its high in 2011. It has been in a bear run a long time, and has been flat. This silver penny stock may soon begin coming up again.

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