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22 No-Brainer Blue-Chip Buys For 2022

Dividend Sensei January 11, 2022 Comments Off on 22 No-Brainer Blue-Chip Buys For 2022

2021 was a freakish year of soaring markets and low volatility. 2022 is likely to be the opposite, with lower returns, and one or two corrections.

Fortunately, there are always amazing blue-chips available long-term investors can safely buy.

These 22 no-brainer blue-chips represent an exceptional mix of safe yield + growth you can safely buy for 2022.

Together they yield almost 4%, are about 20% undervalued, and analysts expect 14.3% long-term returns, more than the aristocrats, Nasdaq, or any other investment strategy, from some of the safest and highest quality companies on earth.

In other words, these 22 no-brainer blue-chip buys for 2022 could be your ticket to retiring in safety and splendor, while sleeping well at night no matter what the stock market does this year or in the future.

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