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Why Trump’s GOP Strategy Is a SUCCESS…

the Mesh Report Staff May 4, 2022 Comments Off on Why Trump’s GOP Strategy Is a SUCCESS…

The revelation of a Supreme Court draft opinion overturning Roe v. Wade overshadowed a critical primary night Tuesday that featured the first marquee Senate primary of the year. Protests were breaking out across the country as polls in Ohio and Indiana closed.

But the results in the two states were significant anyway — offering the first meaningful glimpse of GOP’s emerging shape in the post-Donald Trump presidential era.

Here are five takeaways from Trump’s winning night in Ohio:

Trump’s endorsement power is real

People in Trump’s orbit are preparing for his dominion over the GOP to take a hit in primaries scheduled for later this month. The candidates he’s supporting for governor in Georgia and Idaho are both running far behind more establishment-minded incumbents, and several other Trump-endorsed candidates are in toss-up races. Trump isn’t likely to win them all.

But J.D. Vance’s victory in the Ohio Senate primary on Tuesday was an unmistakable victory for Trump. Unlike in the Texas primaries, where the former president backed a raft of successful Republicans — but mostly made safe choices — Trump took a risk on Vance.

In mid-April, when Trump issued his endorsement, Vance was running behind in most polls. And the field included several viable contenders, including former Ohio state treasurer Josh Mandel, former state Republican Party chair Jane Timken, state Sen. Matt Dolan and businessperson Mike Gibbons.

It’s fair to say Trump’s endorsement put Vance over the top. That matters for two reasons. First, we’re still early in the primary season, and Republicans in other states are closely watching Ohio. The Vance victory will keep the premium on Trump’s brand, while Trump-critical Republicans will have every incentive not to draw many distinctions with the former president.

Second, Trump is obsessed with his win-loss record in the midterms. His victory in Ohio, the first major test of his influence, is setting a tone.

The GOP’s 2024 center lane is going to be thin

The best case for a Republican presidential candidate not attached at the hip to Trump in 2024 is that Trump doesn’t run, and that a massive field of Trumps-in-waiting cannibalize one another, leaving a lane open for a more traditionalist Republican.

That scenario got its first real test in Ohio on Tuesday, and for the establishment, the results weren’t promising.

With Vance, Mandel, Timken and Gibbons clobbering each other over who was the Trumpiest, Dolan, who distanced himself from Trump, appeared to have space open to him with a non-MAGA hardliner crowd.

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