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2 Super Powered High-Yield Blue-Chip Bargains

Dividend Sensei September 14, 2022 Comments Off on 2 Super Powered High-Yield Blue-Chip Bargains

The market is sliding again and focusing many investors’ minds on volatility. 2nd quintile yielding dividend blue-chips historically deliver the best returns with the lowest volatility.

2nd quintile dividend stocks are in the “sweet spot,” combining growth and yield, and can deliver long-term life-changing returns and income growth.

This first super-powered blue-chips is one of my favorite 2nd quintile picks right now, the Berkshire Hathaway of its industry. Its CEO has mastered the art of smart M&A.

This second super-powered blue-chip is an Ultra Value Buffett-style “fat pitch”. It’s literally trading at the same PE as the depths of the Great Recession, 6.6X cash-adjusted earnings, a 46% historical discount.

This first blue-chip could more than double in the next five years and deliver 18% annual Buffett-like returns for many years to come.

The second could more than double within two years, and deliver Buffett-like 26% annual returns through 2027 and Nasdaq crushing 15.5% long-term returns in the coming decades.

Both of these super-powered “dividend sweet” spot blue-chips could help reach your rich retirement dreams, and profit from the end of this bear market, whenever it finally arrives.

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