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Here’s A Look At Trump’s Chances Against DeSantis In 2024…

the Mesh Report Staff November 18, 2022 Comments Off on Here’s A Look At Trump’s Chances Against DeSantis In 2024…

The latest polling data has suggested that voters would prefer Florida Governor Ron DeSantis than former President Donald Trump to represent the Republican Party in the 2024 presidential election.

On November 15, Trump announced that he would be running again for president following his loss to Joe Biden in 2020. While DeSantis has not officially announced he is standing in the election, he is widely expected to run as the Republican nomination.

A FiveThirtyEight report has highlighted that the majority of recent polling, conducted before Trump’s announcement, has shown DeSantis beating Trump.

A YouGov poll conducted between November 13 and November 15, with a sample size of 432 adults, put DeSantis ahead by 7 points at 46 percent compared to Trump’s 39 percent.

A Seven Letter Insight poll, conducted between November 10 and November 15 with a sample size of 543 likely voters, had a similar victory for DeSantis. In this poll, DeSantis led by 8 points at 34 percent to Trump’s 26 percent.

Two polls conducted by WPA Intelligence with larger sample groups of likely voters, both conducted between November 11 and November 13, had DeSantis as the victor.

The first poll was conducted with 843 likely voters and saw DeSantis win by 20 points at 55 percent to Trump’s 35 percent. The second poll, conducted with 1,044 likely voters, saw DeSantis win by 26 points at 56 percent to Trump’s 30.

However, two recent polls have indicated that Trump would defeat DeSantis.

One poll conducted by Morning Consult between November 10 and November 14, with a sample size of 842 registered voters, saw Trump win with a margin of 14 points at 47 percent to DeSantis’ 33 percent.

The second poll, by Big Village, saw Trump win by a larger margin of 16 points. The poll, conducted between November 9 and November 10 with a sample size of 384 adults, saw Trump win with 50 percent of votes compared to DeSantis’ 34 percent.

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