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The King Of Fast-Dividend Growth ETFs

Dividend Sensei November 16, 2022 Comments Off on The King Of Fast-Dividend Growth ETFs

Growth ETFs are a great way to gain exposure to the best world-beater growth blue chips if you want instant diversification and don’t want to pick stocks.

QQQ is the king of fast-dividend growth, with 17% historical dividend growth and incredible annual dividend dependability.

SCHG is a fine alternative to QQQ, with 2.5X more companies and a similar yield + growth = total return profile.

Its 0.04% expense ratio is hard to beat, lower than any other dividend growth ETF I know of.

However, I’m still sticking with QQQM (the lower cost version of QQQ) because combining  QQQM with the gold standard high-yield ETF creates the best combination of high, very safe, and dependable yield with 16.3% annual income growth.

That means a 10% yield on cost for anyone who invested in these two ETFs 10 years ago.

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