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Do Voters Really Care If The Government Shuts Down?

the Mesh Report Staff January 24, 2023 Comments Off on Do Voters Really Care If The Government Shuts Down?

Most voters believe that uncontrolled federal spending is the reason Washington has burst through the debt ceiling again, and they’re OK with shutting the government down until Democrats and Republicans come up with the needed cuts to bring down the debt.

According to the latest Rasmussen Reports survey, voters also believe that Congress, the White House, and federal agencies are to blame for the problem, not Americans paying too little in taxes.


Overall, 56% would support a “partial” shutdown to bring the budget into line, nearly twice the 34% who don’t.

And on the blame issue, even more, 66%, believe the debt is high because of “politicians’ unwillingness to reduce government spending.” That was three times higher than the 21% who blamed taxpayers.

The government hit the $31.38 trillion debt ceiling last week. Republicans have been pushing for spending cuts, while Democrats are trying to eliminate the cap to allow unlimited spending and borrowing.

President Joe Biden has so far refused to engage in negotiations, leaving his administration to take action to stall a government shutdown.

The media has played along with the administration in warning of catastrophic impacts if the administration has to start partially shutting down the government. But those warnings have been heard before, and voters apparently aren’t scared by them.

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