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How I’d Invest A $1.5 Billion Jackpot

Dividend Sensei January 17, 2023 Comments Off on How I’d Invest A $1.5 Billion Jackpot

Lotto fever is sweeping America, with the Mega Millions Jackpot hitting potentially hitting $1.5 billion by Friday’s drawing.

The lottery curse has laid many to ruin because with great wealth comes great power, more than many people can handle responsibly.

If I won the jackpot, I will put 99% of the after-tax cash option into a 14-stock ZEUS Income Growth portfolio.

This portfolio yields 4.1%, delivers 12% to 13% annual returns and averages 70% smaller declines than the S&P in even the most extreme market crashes.

This portfolio may help anyone with at least $53 per month in savings or 15 years to retirement, retire a millionaire.

Whether you have $400 to invest or $400 million, the world’s best blue chips are the safest road to riches you can take.

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