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JEPI: A 12% Yielding ‘Retirement Dream ETF’ With A Catch

Dividend Sensei January 24, 2023 Comments Off on JEPI: A 12% Yielding ‘Retirement Dream ETF’ With A Catch

JEPI was the 8th most popular ETF of 2022, and its 12% yield, paid monthly, has created a firestorm of investor interest.

Since inception, JEPI has delivered an average yield of 9.3% and 13.4% annual returns, but with 37% less volatility than the S&P and with 50% smaller peak declines.

Some investors consider it a “miracle” retirement ETF, but there are important things all investors need to know before buying it.

JEPI is a great choice for certain kinds of investors, while others shouldn’t ever buy it.

This article will tell you whether JEPI is right for your needs, or an ETF to avoid at all costs.

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