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Why Shopify (SHOP) Should Be On Traders’ Radar

Christian Tharp, CMT January 12, 2023 Comments Off on Why Shopify (SHOP) Should Be On Traders’ Radar

The setup we examine in the video below comes curtsey of a little Canadian multinational e-commerce company, known as Shopify. Over the past several weeks, the stock’s price has been pretty indecisive on where it wants to go, oscillating in between two major levels.

As well often talk about, these levels are critical for traders to be aware of as they present the guardrails of what trades we can and should be making. As you’ll see in the video, I point out the two main levels to watch as we move forward. It is important to know these levels well and have them mapped out, this will help you formulate your game plan and, most importantly, define your risk.

Risk management is key with any trade we put on and it must be determined before you put on your trade. It is also important to not move your stop loss, as it throws off the original risk/reward of the trade.

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Good Luck!

Christian Tharp, CMT

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