Why The President Giving His “Word As A Biden” Seems Like An Empty Promise

President Biden on Sunday was slammed on social media after using a frequent adage he uses while expressing his optimism about the future of the United States.

Biden, who has frequently used the phrase “my word as a Biden” before and after making a promise to his audience and voters to lend it credibility, said he has “never been more optimistic” about the United States, prompting Twitter users to mock the truthfulness of his comments and point out multiple crises during his administration.

The Republican National Committee’s deputy communications director Nathan Brand and rapid response director Tommy Pigott both took aim at Biden for his tweet, noting multiple scandals on Biden’s watch.

“The border is open, real wages are down, energy costs are outrageously high, the Taliban controls Afghanistan, & the cartels are making billions smuggling fentanyl,” Pigott tweeted. “There is reason to be “optimistic” though – we have a [House GOP] majority who is working to hold Biden accountable.”

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