Critics React To IRS Visiting ‘Twitter Files’ Journalist…

The same day journalist Matt Taibbi was voluntarily testifying before Congress in Washington, D.C., an IRS agent showed up unannounced at his New Jersey home, he said.

Taibbi has been personally involved with revealing the “Twitter Files,” or installments of behind-the-scenes documents new Twitter CEO Elon Musk provided to show how the social media platform previously censored content and users, among other things.

Taibbi testified before the newly Republican-created Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government about what he learned about Twitter on March 9, the same day an IRS agent made an unusual visit to his home.

“What an amazing coincidence,” tweeted Michael Shellenberger, who was also involved with Musk and Twitter and also testified that same day.

“That’s very odd,” Musk said in a tweet Monday evening. Several other users highlighted the actions were suspect and far from a coincidence.

Members of Congress chimed in, too.

“This absolutely stinks to high heaven. The IRS has a troubling history of targeting the political enemies of Democrats,” responded Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas.

He added: “The IRS should NEVER be in the business of harassing the American people.”

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Photo: “IRS” by alpha_photo is licensed under CC BY-NC