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This Is One Of My Favorite Patterns To Trade

Christian Tharp, CMT March 13, 2023 Comments Off on This Is One Of My Favorite Patterns To Trade

Welcome back for another exciting week of trading. Today we have an old favorite on watch today as it has set up one of our favorite setups. Make sure you check out the full video breakdown below for all the details on what I am seeing.

PDD Holdings (PDD) has created a large head and shoulders pattern with a neckline that currently sits around $83. A break of that line would confirm that pattern and likely lead to much lower prices. For my students and readers, this pattern sounds awfully familiar and that’s because it is.

I talk a lot about high probability setups and a classic head and shoulders pattern is usually a high probability setup. When we see these, we definitely want to take note.

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Good Luck With Your Trading!

Christian Tharp, CMT

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