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The Dividend Aristocrats Ranked By Moatiness

Dividend Sensei May 16, 2023 Comments Off on The Dividend Aristocrats Ranked By Moatiness

A recession is likely to start within five weeks to 5 months, regardless of what happens with the debt ceiling drama.

Economists expect the mildest recession in history, but five economic headwinds create perfect economic storm conditions not seen since 1932.

The good news is that it’s likely to be an average recession, half as severe as the Pandemic, 1/3rd as bad as the Great Financial Crisis, and last about nine months.

The stock market’s 15% to 30% likely decline will feel like the end of the world to many, but don’t panic; it’s literally the average historical recessionary bear market decline.

When the market likely bottoms in late 2023, a historical 48% 12-month bull market will likely begin.

Wide Moat dividend aristocrats are the ultimate “port in the storm” for the coming market mayhem.

This article ranks the aristocrats by moatiness, and the next article will show you how to build the ultimate wide-moat aristocrat portfolio for this recession.

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